About Berks Dental Lab

Berks Dental Laboratory has earned the loyalty of our customers with restorative excellence. Since 1940 we have been a full service laboratory located in Shillington, Pennsylvania. The longevity is a true testament to the partnerships we created through our personal service, cutting edge technology and the extensive knowledge of an in-house Certified Dental technician. We work and train closely with the most highly observed vendors in the country, ensuring the use of the best materials on the market, but most important, understanding that communication remains our number one priority.

Through the years dentistry has grown, and Berks Dental Laboratory has taken many strides to stay current in knowledge, training and equipment. We have tailored our production and communication process so every case is fabricated according to the individual preferences. We also provide a professional treatment planning service to assist with the challenging cases. When looking for a restorative treatment option let Berks Dental Laboratory guide you, we have the tools, expertise and experience to ensure you receive exceptional service, care and attention.

Stephen J. Sepkowski, C.D.T.

As the owner, operator and Certified Dental Technician of Berks Dental Laboratory, Stephen is both diligent in his practice and committed to the knowledge of his profession. He received his initial training from the United States Air Force from 1981-1985, and then spend 10 years as the head dental lab technician for a local prosthodontist. In 1995, Stephen purchased Berks Dental Laboratory and created a business that is dedicated to provide a personal service to the dental community.

He specialized this training in implant technology, creating personal relationships with all clients, and actively educating himself on cutting edge technology. These qualities are the foundation and mission of Berks Dental Laboratory.